Educational Facility and School Cleaning Services

Clean All recognizes the paramount importance of maintaining pristine and healthful learning environments in educational institutions. Our extensive range of cleaning services for learning institutions is meticulously tailored to ensure your entire facility remains at its best. We offer customizable cleaning service contracts that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. (937) 498-4146 to learn more.
educational facility and school cleaning services

Professional Cleaning Services for educational facilities and schools

Our commercial cleaning services are expertly suited to a diverse array of educational establishments, encompassing preschools, elementary schools, universities, daycares, tutoring centers, and more. A clean and hygienic facility significantly enhances the overall learning experience, benefiting students, staff, and families alike. Our Clean All employees are equipped with the expertise and proprietary commercial cleaning protocols necessary to minimize the spread of germs effectively.

When your educational facility necessitates specialized cleaning beyond routine janitorial services, you can rely on Clean All to deliver the most effective School Cleaning Services. We utilize advanced sanitization techniques and employ hospital-grade products that are proven to eliminate up to 99.97% of germs. Your institution strives for academic excellence, and with Clean All, you can rest assured that our professional cleaning services are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality for the well-being of your students, faculty, and staff.

Our Educational Facility Cleaning Services play an integral role in ensuring the health and safety of students, staff, and visitors. Our cleaning experts excel at thorough cleaning of high-touch and high-traffic areas, including restrooms, classrooms, desks, hallways, and lockers (upon request).

classrooms and hallways:

These high-traffic areas require daily cleaning and disinfecting to maintain a safe and clean learning environment.

Dining Halls:

Our campus cleaning services pay special attention to high-traffic dining areas and frequently touched surfaces to ensure a healthier dining experience for students.


Gathering areas can quickly become germ hotspots. We provide routine disinfecting and deep cleaning as needed.

Residence Hall Lobbies:

We offer a range of cleaning services to maintain these common areas, from disinfecting wipe-downs to floor care.


Public restrooms are known for harboring germs. Our Core Cleaning Process helps keep these spaces fresh and sanitary.

Student Unions:

These spaces require consistent cleaning to offer a healthy gathering environment and preventative maintenance services to maintain their appearance.

Study Rooms:

High-traffic study rooms benefit from regular dusting, wiping, and disinfecting to provide students with a clean and safe studying environment..

Clean All is committed to elevating the cleanliness and hygiene of educational facilities, making sure students, teachers and visitors live in an environment that is safe, germ-free and conducive to learning.


“Clean All has been a contributor to cost improvements, process improvements resulting in improved facility appearance, maintenance, and cost reductions. Clean All has been performing cleaning services for Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. since 1987. Their service was interrupted in 1991 when a lower bid contractor was chosen. This service contractor change was short lived and Clean All was brought back after 14 months. Clean All has provided excellent services for our 3 locations in Sidney, Ohio which includes Emerson Climate Technologies world headquarters that is 1 million square feet. Clean all is primarily responsible for all floor and carpet maintenance but they also perform a variety of tasks including light bulb replacement, fixture cleaning, snow removal, window cleaning, copier paper delivery, conference room rearrangements, furniture moves, and storage. Clean All has been an excellent service provider. Their longevity with Emerson Climate Technologies is the indicator of their continuing capability.”


Manager of Corporate Facilities