Government Facility Cleaning Services

When it comes to government buildings, leaving a positive impression on citizens is paramount. Clean All offers specialized Government Building Cleaning Services that ensure your facilities maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our Clean All employees work with you to create a customized cleaning plan tailored to the unique needs of your jurisdiction. (937) 498-4146 to learn more.
government facility cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services for Government Buildings

For consistent, thorough, and timely cleaning services for government offices and buildings, Clean All® is your trusted partner. Whether it's the bustling high-traffic gathering areas or the smallest details like door handles, our janitorial service employees are equipped to deliver a meticulous clean that prioritizes the safety and well-being of your staff and guests. 

Comprehensive Cleaning Services for Government Buildings

Clean All Franchise Business Owners excel at maintaining conference rooms, restrooms, and other communal spaces in impeccable condition. Our trained cleaning experts are also ready to collaborate with you in devising a cleaning plan that specifically targets common touchpoints such as desks, chairs, and floors.

Municipal Buildings:

Ensure all city-owned or leased properties meet the highest cleanliness standards.

Federal Cleaning Contracts:

Trustworthy and dependable cleaning services with a single point of contact to streamline procurement.

Courtroom Cleaning:

Maintain the pristine appearance of courtrooms that witness long hours and frequent visitors.

Government Offices:

Our office cleaning services provide a clean environment for maximum productivity and reduced absences among your staff.

Clean All is committed to elevating the cleanliness and hygiene of government facilities, leaving an enduring impression of excellence on citizens and visitors alike.


“Clean All has been a contributor to cost improvements, process improvements resulting in improved facility appearance, maintenance, and cost reductions. Clean All has been performing cleaning services for Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. since 1987. Their service was interrupted in 1991 when a lower bid contractor was chosen. This service contractor change was short lived and Clean All was brought back after 14 months. Clean All has provided excellent services for our 3 locations in Sidney, Ohio which includes Emerson Climate Technologies world headquarters that is 1 million square feet. Clean all is primarily responsible for all floor and carpet maintenance but they also perform a variety of tasks including light bulb replacement, fixture cleaning, snow removal, window cleaning, copier paper delivery, conference room rearrangements, furniture moves, and storage. Clean All has been an excellent service provider. Their longevity with Emerson Climate Technologies is the indicator of their continuing capability.”


Manager of Corporate Facilities