Medical Facility and Clinics Cleaning

Maintaining a pristine and hygienic environment in medical facilities and clinics is of paramount importance for the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals. In these critical spaces, cleanliness is not just a preference; it's an absolute necessity to prevent the spread of infections and ensure the highest standards of healthcare. At Clean All, we specialize in providing top-tier medical facility and clinics cleaning services. Our dedicated team understands the unique cleaning requirements of healthcare settings, and we are committed to creating a safe, sterile, and welcoming atmosphere for all those who rely on these essential institutions. (937) 498-4146 to learn more.

Exception Medical Facility Cleaning Services

In healthcare settings like hospitals, clinics, and medical offices, maintaining a pristine and germ-free environment is an absolute imperative. Clean All specializes in providing professional Medical Facility Cleaning Services, ensuring the safety and well-being of patients and visitors alike. We take pride in our Clean All Cleaning System, a trusted solution that consistently delivers a thorough clean with every visit. Our highly trained employees employ advanced technology and innovative methods to sanitize, disinfect, and eliminate germs where it matters most, setting the gold standard for hospital cleaning services.

Day Surgery/Outpatient Centers:

Meeting the rigorous health and technical standards of outpatient surgery centers.


Addressing the unique cleaning needs of hospitals to reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

Pediatricians / Pediatrician Offices:

Creating a safe and clean environment that is paramount for pediatric patients. 

Dialysis Centers:

Utilizing hospital-grade disinfectants and procedures to safeguard patients during treatment.

Urgent Care Clinics:

Reducing the risk of contagion in high-risk environments.

Dentist Offices: 

Inspiring confidence in a calm and clean dental setting.


Preventing the spread of infectious diseases in veterinary clinics.


Handling the cleaning needs of various medical facilities, from walk-in medical centers to surgical centers, clinical laboratories, and infusion centers.
At Clean All, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of healthcare and medical facility cleaning services, ensuring that every space remains safe, sanitary, and conducive to healing.


“Clean All has been a contributor to cost improvements, process improvements resulting in improved facility appearance, maintenance, and cost reductions. Clean All has been performing cleaning services for Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. since 1987. Their service was interrupted in 1991 when a lower bid contractor was chosen. This service contractor change was short lived and Clean All was brought back after 14 months. Clean All has provided excellent services for our 3 locations in Sidney, Ohio which includes Emerson Climate Technologies world headquarters that is 1 million square feet. Clean all is primarily responsible for all floor and carpet maintenance but they also perform a variety of tasks including light bulb replacement, fixture cleaning, snow removal, window cleaning, copier paper delivery, conference room rearrangements, furniture moves, and storage. Clean All has been an excellent service provider. Their longevity with Emerson Climate Technologies is the indicator of their continuing capability.”


Manager of Corporate Facilities