In the 1920’s Israel Charles Shuchat brought his family to Piqua, Ohio and started a dry-cleaning business. Four generations and nine decades later the Shuchat family continues to be synonymous with cleaning in West Central Ohio….



Steve Shuchat, now having five years under his belt with increasing responsibility, Gary and Dee decided it was time to semi-retire and promoted Steve to President. The company pitched together and got them their first motor home for their retirement.

Clean All Service AreaCarol Snider, who also increased her responsibilities over the years, was promoted to Vice-President of Operations. Gary Gibson was hired as General Manager, concentrating on sales development. This new management team under Steve expanded the service area well beyond the Shelby County area causing the creation of area supervisors.

Steve in 2001 received his CBSE certification. The employment level in 2002 was 147.


“We wanted to let Clean All Services know of the excellent service we received yesterday morning from one of your employees. This week we had a Clean All employee come in to clean and she did an outstanding job!...We just can’t express enough how pleased we were with her work.”

Administrative Assistant